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10 Steps To ECDIS MandationI
Download our helpful guide on how to prepare yourselves for the mandation of ECDIS starting in 2012.
Download 10 Steps to Mandation in PDF
Carriage Compliance Guide
The second edition of Facts about electronic charts and carriage requirements is now available from the UKHO as a free download.

MORBAI Digital Service

Find out how Admiralty Vector Chart Service can enhance safety at sea, and helps save time and money

Find out how Admiralty Raster Chart Service can provide a simple step into digital navigation by retaining the familiar look and feel of Admiralty paper charts.

Find out how Admiralty Digital Publications in One CD can provide all Admiralty digital publications, via one user-friendly interface, all of which can be licensed, installed, used and updated at the same time.





Admiralty Vector Chart Service

Taking you safely into the future of marine navigation, AVCS brings together electronic navigational charts (ENCs) from the UKHO and hydrographic offices.

An introduction into the Admiralty Vector Chart Service, by the UKHO Product Manager, Jason Scholey.

Maximum coverage, full compliance

Admiralty Vector Chart Service brings 'Admiralty chart quality' direct to your ECDIS. It's been developed as an ideal way to make the transition from paper to electronic navigation.

The Admiralty Vector Chart Service provides berth to berth coverage of all the major trade lanes between more than 2,165 of the world's busiest and biggest ports. AVCS provides over 1,000 ENCs and 450 ports that are not available in any other ENC service in the market.

The bottom line: better routing and enhanced real-time situational awareness, for more efficient passage planning and safer, more economical transit.

Save time - do it once and do it right

The International Maritime Organisation's introduction of mandatory use of ECDIS for primary navigation is fast-approaching. Do it once and do it right, with the only service that delivers maximum coverage and full compliance.

Ensure safety at sea with 100% official data

Sailing berth to berth using one SOLAS compliant chart service simplifies and streamlines the entire process of chart selection, ordering and updating And get the peace of mind that comes with Admiralty quality: 100% official, 100% compliant.


Save money with our flexible licensing options

You will always have access to the whole library of Admiralty Vector charts - you can request any additional chart that you need via email and licensing costs are also very flexible: license folios or single charts for as little as 3 months, with no minimum order value. Buy only what you need, for as long as you need.

Along with Admiralty quality and unrivalled coverage, you're also assured of the most up-to-date information available. Automatic updating comes as standard with no additional cost via CD or the internet.

Admiralty Information Overlay and worldwide Temporary and Preliminary Notices to Mariners also ensures that all your charts and publications are kept up to date electronically.

Now we have the one system, it's easier, it's cheaper, and the company likes that we have only one system for the whole fleet."

Captain Pekka Hyn�nen, Master of M/T Neste



The new industry standard

AVCS has rapidly become the new 'industry standard', working on over 2000 vessels around the world - a number that grows by around 60 every week. Over 470 shipping companies around the world are now experiencing the benefits that the Admiralty Vector Chart Service brings.

Admiralty Vector Chart Service

Download the AVCS Brochure on the Web

Download the AVCS Factsheet

Download the AVCS Full Pricing Schedule

3 Months Free of Charge Trial

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Free of charge trial

To find out if you qualify for a free of charge three month trial, please email us at

Facts About Digital Charts and Carriage Requirements

The second edition of Facts about electronic charts and carriage requirements is now available from the UKHO as a free download.

Written in an easy to read 'question and answer' style, this guide answers over 20 of the most commonly asked questions. This new edition is now split into five separate documents focusing on different aspects to allow you to find the information more easily.

Please click on the sections below for pdf versions:

Facts about electronic charts and carriage requirements
Compendium of Flag State ECDIS requirements

Training Requirements

Technical details of electronic charts

Appendix: References and glossary


Admiralty Raster Chart Service (ARCS) Provides cost effective, official digital chart coverage for use in conjunction with the Admiralty range of paper navigational charts.

View ARCS Brochure on the web


Admiralty Digital Publications (ADP)

The Admiralty Digital Publications (ADP) CD includes all Admiralty digital publications. The multi-award winning Admiralty TotalTide shares a common user-friendly interface with the Admiralty Digital List of Lights and the Admiralty Digital Radio Signals (Vol 6), all of which can be licensed, installed, used and updated at the same time.

View ADP Brochure on the web

Admiralty Digital List of LightsAdmiralty Digital List of Lights

The world's most advanced source of light and fog signal information.

Admiralty Digital Radio Signals Volume 6Admiralty Digital Radio Signals Volume 6

Up-to-date maritime radio communications and pilot services information.

Admiralty TotalTideAdmiralty Total Tide

The world�s most comprehensive tidal prediction program.


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